#vss365 Wrapped 2022

Learn about the composition of the #vss365 2022 prompts!

#vss365 Wrapped 2022
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We all know about Spotify Wrapped, a yearly insight into the music and podcasts we (possibly embarrassingly) listen to (out yourself, I'm in the top 3% of US listeners for total minutes played). But for us writers, that only tells part of the picture. It tells us the soundtrack to our writing, but what about our writing itself? We don't have any stats for that.

That doesn't change with this post. Sorry. But as the creator of the (un)official website for #vss365, vss356today.com, I do have some insight into the prompts that were given out in 2022. To that end, I've compiled some stats for you about the 2022 #vss365 season! I've posted my SQL and Python code on GitHub if you want to look at it. Personally, I'm excited about this part specifically because it means I can easily collect the same stats for future years. :D

The stats fall into three categories: prompts, hosts, and website info. If you think of some additional stats I should have included, let me know and I'll see about adding them next year!

Quick note: If you're curious, you can download the full archive and perform additional number crunching! I'd love to see it if you do!


We're going to start with the vss365today website. This is a limited section. I actually don't have many stats about the website. I intentionally do not have any form of visitor tracking loaded. I have a basic access log my web server provides, but I never check it. Effectively, I have no idea how many people visit the site. That may change in the future if I can find the time to look up and set up a privacy-respecting visitor tracker (which I find to be a contradiction).

With that said, I do have some stats about the site I can share.

  • Nearly 21,000 emails a month were being sent by year end
  • That's about 680 emails sent out every day
  • 195 people registered for the notification emails in 2022, averaging 16.25 new registrations a month


We're going to continue on with the hosts, because there are less things to show for than the prompts. But that means you get tables of data!

  • Only 9 hosts hosted #vss365 before
  • That leaves 15 hosts who hosted #vss365 for the first time! :D

Veteran hosts

Host Hosting period start date
LadySabrielle 2022-01-16
writerzoe 2022-03-16
ArthurUnkTweets 2022-04-01
ESWarriorPoet 2022-05-01
cely717 2022-05-16
WritingDreamer 2022-06-16
KelvinROfficial 2022-07-16
nreillyjohnson 2022-09-16
LV_matthews 2022-10-16

First time hosts

Host Hosting period start date
Nina7Infinity 2022-01-01
SimonPsychosis 2022-02-01
SobrietyStories 2022-02-15
writes_jo 2022-03-01
JRBournville 2022-04-16
TunnelroadUS 2022-06-01
DesiWilloughby 2022-07-01
OminousHallways 2022-08-01
silveringofrose 2022-08-16
DanielC55186873 2022-09-01
TheSurrealAri 2022-10-01
bofferson 2022-11-01
hungryghostpoet 2022-11-16
Brennan_and_Riz 2022-12-01
teabeesea 2022-12-16


Finally, we get to star: the prompts themselves! Some of these I included because I think even the simplest stats are fun, while others are more interesting to see.

Please note that these stats do not account for prompts with linked media, such as YouTube embeds. I do not consider those prompts as "having media."

  • There were 365 prompts given out this year
  • The shortest prompt was go, given by ArthurUnkTweets on 2022-04-08
  • There are two prompts that tied for the longest prompt this year!
  • The most common length of a prompt was 5 letters
  • The average length of a prompt was 6.1452 letters, breakdown by host below
  • All 26 letters of the English alphabet were used at least once
  • The most used letter was "e", with 256 appearances
  • The least used letter (but used more than once) was "z", with 4 uses
  • The most common starting letter was "s", with 45 uses
  • The most common ending letter was "e", with 77 uses
  • 4 prompts were repeated in 2022 (all time usage was not considered)
  • There were 165, or 45.2%, prompts with media
  • Unfortunately, 133, or 80.6%, of prompts with media did not have alt text to help visually impaired writers know what content or information the media portrayed :(

Longest prompts in 2022

Prompt Host Date
excommunicate writes_jo 2022-03-03
materfamilias DesiWilloughby 2022-07-15

Prompts repeated in 2022

Prompt Times used
maniac 2
mine 2
racket 2
tear 2

Average number of letters in each prompt for each host

Ordered by largest average length first

Host Average letters in prompts
cely717 8.2500
Nina7Infinity 7.6667
writes_jo 7.4667
DesiWilloughby 7.0667
bofferson 7.0667
JRBournville 6.7333
WritingDreamer 6.6000
SimonPsychosis 6.5714
ESWarriorPoet 6.5333
silveringofrose 6.2500
OminousHallways 6.2000
LV_matthews 6.1875
SobrietyStories 6.1429
TheSurrealAri 6.0667
nreillyjohnson 5.8667
ArthurUnkTweets 5.8000
LadySabrielle 5.6250
teabeesea 5.6250
TunnelroadUS 5.6000
Brennan_and_Riz 5.2000
hungryghostpoet 5.1333
writerzoe 4.8750
DanielC55186873 4.6667
KelvinROfficial 4.4375

And that's a wrap! Go forth and make the 2023 #vss365 stats even better! :D

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