Silent Saturday

Silent Saturday
Poem by me

Can you imagine the thoughts going through the people’s minds? What were they supposed to do now? They ate the Passover meal two days ago. They watched as their teacher was betrayed by one of their own then ran away in fear of their own lives. If they did not watch the crucifixion of that day, they certainly heard about it and knew what happened. Can you hear the words on their lips, the only words they could muster in this moment of uncertainty?

The Rabbi is dead.

He was no ordinary man. They watched Him multiply a small amount of bread and fish to feed over 5,000 people. They saw Him spit to make mud to rub it on the eyes of a blind man to make him see. They stood speechless as He stopped a funeral procession to raise a widow’s son back to life. In His hands were the power to heal and on His tongue were words of life everlasting. At the mention of His name, demons trembled. He spoke with authority, equated Himself with YHWH, and declared Himself the way, the truth, and the light.

And yet, His light was put out.

What were they to do? Where we they to go? They spent the last three and a half years of their lives with this Man, sacrificing everything to follow Him. What. Now?

They could not believe that in a few short hours, they would see the Son rising on the horizon.

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