Live Life Real, the podcast

Practically applying Biblical truth and wisdom to everyday life.

Live Life Real, the podcast

It was summer 2019. IGTV was attempting to be popular. I was taking three A-term summer classes starting at 8 am almost every day. I was dog sitting for some friends, which was a week-long blessing because I was only 20 minutes from classes instead of 45 minutes.

It was with this background that the idea was born. Being a very practical person, I understand God and the Bible from a very practical perspective. And I had long noticed that, while my friends often knew the concepts that the Bible taught, they often didn't understand how to apply the concepts to the everyday issues they faced. And it wasn't just friends. I noticed it in a larger manner. So many people in general struggle to understand how to apply Biblical concepts to daily activities, especially in an increasingly Godless culture. I had noticed that God had often given me opportunities throughout my college enrollment to apply the Bible practically to me and my friend's lives through various conversations and events. What if I created a short daily IGTV show where, given 5 minutes, a different Biblical concept and its wisdom would be taken and applied to life?

That idea never went anywhere. However, the idea stuck. Then, over the course of the next year, these conversations kept happening. They were not ordinary conversations either. They were special and powerful. I call them God conversations because over the course of a single week, I repeatedly would have the exact same conversation about some practical application of the Bible with multiple people, sometimes having the same conversation twice in a single day. It quickly became clear how these conversations connected back to that video series idea. So, over summer 2020, while the world stayed home, I started planning, studying, and writing this idea that I believe God gave me.

And like that, I introduce to you Live Life Real. While technically a podcast, I see it more as a series of conversations between you and me where we sit down and together explore how the Bible practically applies to our everyday lives.

I am a bit late writing this post. The first conversation came out in August and I've been on hiatus due to life since September but new conversations will be coming soon. 😉

I pray you'll join me in these conversations, and through them, you'll discover a greater understanding of God, His love and goodness, and how much He cares about your life. I believe God wants to speak to you and do something great in your life.

You can begin our conversations by visiting There, you'll find links to listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts,, and more.

A giant thank you goes to all the people who have helped and supported me as I started and continue this endeavor. This would not be possible without you. Cover art is by the fantastic @katfish_art324. Definitely go check out her amazing work!

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