April 6, 2016

The Perfect Perspective

The Perfect Perspective occurs somewhere in your lifetime.

The Perfect Perspective

There is always the Perfect Perspective somewhere in your life. You may be subjected to the Perfect Perspective periodically or regularly. It is the ideal perspective and reality someone holds up to everything about you, everything that defines you, and everything that makes you. It critiques your actions, your words, your behavior, and your character. It is what determines if you are worthy, eligible, or up to spec. It tells if you are out-of-line or act in an incorrect manner.

The Perfect Perspective is not the Bible, however. No, it is a man-made view. It is formed though observations, experiences, thoughts, notions, opinions, knowledge, lessons, and logic of all types, sizes, and accuracy. It constantly changes according to events, new data, and whims. It exists only in the mind of the person who forms it. It is a powerful force, one that cannot be easily cast-off, for it is built over many years.

Yet there is a flaw with the Perfect Perspective: it is imperfect. Because of its volatile and undocumented nature, it is impossible for the imposed to live up to its preconceived notions. Because it can only be altered if the viewer wants it to be, it can never be revised to be more accurate or documented. It justifies the viewer’s actions in  reprimanding and controlling those who does not live up to it. It  prohibits any alternative perspective to even be spoken, dismissing it as a lie, a story, and an excuse to not be perfect. It distorts the viewer’s comprehension, causing them to see things the way they want and  not how it really is. The viewer cannot see any of this, for they think their way is perfect, and there is nothing else that could rival it.

Those  who are under the watch of the Perfect Perspective find themselves living in fear and worry. They are hurt, scarred, and battle-worn from repeatedly trying and failing to break the spell of the Perfect Perspective on the viewer and over themselves. They live in a limited allowance zone, being permitted freedoms and activities only allowed by the Perfect Perspective at the current time, with the list subject to  change at any given time because of any given thing. They are compelled,  under pressure, fear, arguing, and/or guilt-tripping into partaking of  rituals that, to the viewer, keep the subject in line but only make  things worse for the inflicted. They wish and long for the day the Perfect Perspective could be gone and the strained relationship between  them and the viewer be healed, but the day never comes. So they harbor their hurt, burying it deep down, wiping the tears on their pillow,  doing their best to keep a smile and act as if all is well instead of  utterly breaking under pressure and lashing out in anger, fear, and  maybe love against the viewer, for it will only make matters that much worse.

The  Perfect Perspective is no respecter of persons. It can have a stronghold in any person in any walk of life, from alcoholic to salesman, student to minister.

The Perfect Perspective has another name, one likely more familiar to the general public. It was what people warn against and do their best to prevent and not partake in, but in reality have no idea what it actually is or how to identify it. That is, unless they are controlled by it.

The Perfect Perspective is nothing other than legalism, a system that hurts  those enslaved in it and traps those are blinded by it.

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